I find this unsettling, to say the least. Instagram is just an app after all. I don’t feel as though one user base is more entitled than another. The instagram audience is now larger and more accessible which is what it’s all about for its creators, not an iPhone privelege. Not only that but instagram has already given many people the false impression that they are photographers. I support instagram’s ability to offer that to people but for iPhone users to feel as though that should be theirs exclusively is an act of extreme snobbery. Get off your high horse, the accessibility of apps on smartphones is not something to fret over. It’s a step forward for the company as well as our society. Thoughts?

Similar to my other post. People trying to make coding more fun to learn. Thoughts?

Codecademy adds HTML and CSS (finally) as well as a bunch of cool new features to help their site grow. Do you see yourself becoming involved with a site like this? 

If so, do you feel as though it would help get your name out there?

This article doesn’t contain too much that directly relates to our “work” but it does evaluate some interesting points of our industry. I mainly wanted to hear what the females in our class felt about it. Do you see your gender and career causing you problems in the future? Or do you think that isn’t a real issue? 

It’s no secret that the Internet is becoming “the place” to do business. It’s just eye-opening to see that in terms of numbers. Do you think the internet is the best place to do business? What kind of benefits and downsides do you see involved with online transactions?

Do you think this trend will continue?

What do you think is the reason for Pinterest’s success?

Interesting way to use technology and storytelling to help with fitness. We’ve seen this before but my question is : Do you think we’ll see a lot more of this as technology improves (ie. hud glasses)? If so, why? Should it be encouraged? As content creators, it’s an interesting outlet and a market that could potentially boom. Does anyone here fear the results of an increasing detachment from reality?

Reading through this, I have a feeling the author is an apple fanatic but he raises some good points. Will you wait and see if any changes will be made? Or do think he’s overreacting a bit?

What do you think? Is Wi-Fi going to kill us all? Or is this just an attempt to limit mobile use among students?

IPO (initial public offering). Basically, facebook is now selling shares to the public, to a limited extent. This is basically just make them incredibly rich and any current shareholders (mostly employees) will be instantly become millionaires.